Sunday, August 10, 2014

Who is Austin Ivereigh?

Who is Austin Ivereigh?

He is the journalist who wrote the Boston Globe article on Tony Palmer.

Basically he seems to be pretty much the British equivalent of John Allen.

He is a former deputy editor of The Tablet. Everything I have ever read about the Tablet indicates that it is the British equivalent of the super-liberal National Catholic Reporter.

See for example the following quote:

"Britain's long-established Catholic weekly, The Tablet , has fought for the spirit and values of Vatican II in a way that no other journal has done. It has criticised the Church (Humanae Vitae) and has condemned corruption, but has also supported the Church where it has been right to do so."

So my quick conclusion based on this and a few other facts found on the internet is the same conclusion I have about John Allen.

That is that Ivereigh is a paid journalistic agent -- just like Malachi Martin before them. The goal of such agents is to use the media to undermine Church teaching by pushing the Church in a liberal direction. Cui bono?

Ivereigh has written a book on bergoglio that is due to be released in November 2014 titled "The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope"

"According to the publisher, Ivereigh's biography will show that the Pope has pressed the "reset button" for the church. Pope Francis has made international news by saying the church should not spend too much time focusing on gay marriage and abortion and should concern itself more with the poor."

So I would warn you that when you read anything written by Ivereigh that you should read it with a very critical eye. I would not assume that any of the statements that he makes are true unless there is a way to confirm them from other sources. And I would also question his motives for writing and try to determine what propaganda purposes are behind it.

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