Monday, August 11, 2014

The sinister genocidal strategy towards Christians in Iraq

The sinister genocidal strategy towards Christians in Iraq

What is the future of the Iraqi Christians who have been expelled from their homes in a genocidal manner?

This is a question "that should inflict pain in the conscience of every person and organization so that something should be done to save this people that have their history in this land from their beginnings."

"Death and sickness are taking hold of the children and elderly people among the thousands of refugee families spread over the Kurdistan Region who lost everything in the recent tragic developments while the ISIS Militants are still advancing and the humanitarian aid is insufficient."

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To me the sinister genocidal strategy of the masonic anti-Christians that control U.S. and global politics is very clear.

They have deliberately abandoned the Iraqi Christians to their fate and they have deliberately funded and supported (or encouraged others to support) the radical islamic fundamentalist military forces in order to wipe out the Christian presence in Iraq.

The reason is very simple. It is part of a global masonic anti-Christian campaign to destroy Christianity world-wide -- especially the Catholic Church.

On the one hand this is done through military force via a proxy war. On the other hand it is done through subversion such as what was done to the Catholic Church through Vatican II.

This is further supported by a constant propaganda campaign in the mass media in  order to hide the truth from the public and to gain their unwitting support in this global genocidal campaign.

Only God can save us from this madness. Only by turning to His one true Son -- Jesus Christ! -- can humanity ever hope to find true peace.

Our mission is clear: To restore the one Holy Catholic Church to its former glory as the spotless Bride of Christ.

Everything else will follow.

Viva Cristo Rey!

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