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Comments on bergoglio's "statement on Iraq"

Comments on bergoglio's "statement on Iraq"

Made by Vatican Press Office Director on Behalf of bergoglio [Was bergoglio too busy to make a statement in person? Was the subject matter not important enough?]

Vatican City, August 07, 2014 ( Staff Reporter

At the conclusion of today's press conference on the Pope's apostolic trip to South Korea next week [Was it more important to talk about bergoglio's latest stop on his world tour than to speak out on behalf of the Christians of Iraq?], Fr. Federico Lombardi, director of the Holy See Press Office, gave the following statement on Iraq, on behalf of Pope Francis:


The Holy Father follows with heartfelt concern the tragic news coming from the north of Iraq, which affects defenseless populations. Particularly hit are the Christian communities: a people fleeing from their villages because of the violence that these days is raging and overwhelming the region.

During the Angelus prayer last July 20, Pope Francis exclaimed with grief: “Our brothers are persecuted, they are thrown out, they must leave their homes without the possibility of taking anything with them. I wish to express to these families and persons my closeness and constant prayer. Dearest brothers and sister, so persecuted, I know how much you suffer; I know you have been despoiled of everything. I am with you in faith in Him who conquered evil!” [bergoglio wants to remind us that he has already made a statement. Yes, 5 sentences. Usually no one can shut up his constant blabbering. Sandro Magister has noted the "silences [regarding Christian persecution] that are all the more striking in that they are practiced by a pope who is known for his highly generous availability to write, to telephone, to bring aid, to open the doors to anyone who knocks, whether poor or rich, good or bad. "]

In light of the anguishing events, the Holy Father renews his spiritual closeness to all those who are going through this most painful trial and he unites himself to the brokenhearted appeals of the local bishops, asking, together with them and for their afflicted communities, that an incessant unanimous prayer be raised by the whole Church to invoke from the Holy Spirit the gift of peace. [Could bergoglio possibly be more vague?]

Moreover, His Holiness addresses his pressing appeal to the International Community so that, activating itself to put an end to the humanitarian tragedy underway, it do its utmost to protect all those affected or menaced by violence and to ensure the necessary aid, especially the most urgent, to the many evacuees , whose fate depends on the solidarity of others. [More vague words from bergoglio. Who is he holding accountable? The "international community"? How is "the necessary aid" going to help to return the Iraqi Christians to their homes? Should we just setup a regugee camp in the middle of the Iraqi desert? What about mounting a military offensive to defeat the muslim terrorists?]

The Pope appeals to the conscience of all, and, to every believer, he repeats: “May the God of peace arouse in all a genuine desire for dialogue and reconciliation. Violence is not defeated by violence. Violence is defeated with peace! Let us pray in silence, asking for peace; all, in silence … Mary, Queen of Peace, pray for us!” (Angelus, July 20, 2014). [Dialogue? Peace? Non-violence? I would suggest that bergoglio should go personally to Iraq and engage in "dialogue" with the muslim terrorists to see how long his head remains attached to his shoulders. Notice also that bergoglio is just quoting from July 20th again. Really? The total destruction of ancient Christian communities in Iraq -- whole cities -- is not worthy of a new statement from the pope? And how bergoglio loves to use the name of Mary in vain! At a time like this it is Mary who crushes the head of the serpent that we should invoke! Peace will follow once the terrorists are crushed.]

[Original text: Italian]

[Translation by ZENIT]

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