Tuesday, August 26, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

How to make a bergoglio

masonic spirits
marxist spices
kosher salt
protestant flavorings
humanist sweeteners
artificial catholic coloring

Mix all the ingredients until they achieve a "ecumenical" consistency.

Cook in a oven until it is half-baked.

Serving suggestions:
Serve lukewarm -- neither hot nor cold.

My impressions:
This dish must be an acquired taste because I found myself spitting it out.


How did you like it?

Tastes like crap.

Looks nice though.... and it's very popular in the trendy restaurants... try it again... here put some of this 100% pure Catholic sauce on it.

Still tastes like crap.

Maybe we didn't make it right...

We followed the instructions.

Yeah, and it looks nice.

Still tastes like crap.

Smells like crap too...

I think I'm getting sick...

Yeah, me too

You didn't even try it.

It's the smell... how do people eat this stuff?

Got any more of that 100% pure catholic sauce?

Yeah, just a little bit... the stuff is hard to find these days.

Yeah, but it's so good


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