Sunday, August 17, 2014

The synod on the family will pave the way for transhumanism

The synod on the family will pave the way for transhumanism

Call Me Jorge had an interesting comment about the novus ordo church being the golem.


Call Me Jorge writes:

"The Novus Ordo church is the golem. It is a creation of the rabbis who worked at creating it for hundreds of years. Vatican II was a celebration of this."


I started to reply to his comment, but one thing led to another and before long I had written an article on transhumanism. Here it is.


Dear CMJ. Interesting comment about the novus ordo church being the golem. As I understand it the golem is like a zombie or a robot or an android at the complete service of its creator and master.

There is definitely a connection between the golem and transhumanism which appears to me to be the ultimate goal of the masonic elites.

It's also interesting that despite all the liberal criticisms of eugenics under hitler, that all of the new "modern" biotechnology which makes eugenics so much easier is applauded almost without any moral reservation by the same liberal crowd.

The only moral obstacle to full adoption of that technology has been the Catholic Church. The synod on the family is all set to remove that roadblock.

"Homosexual marriage", abortion, contraception, in vitro fertilization... all these have (until now) been opposed by the Catholic Church -- and the Catholic Church alone. Jews, protestants, muslims have all accepted these to one degree or another.

Think about "homosexual marriage" for a moment. The only way they can procreate is through the use of some type of biotechnology. This opens the door for all sorts of legislation which permits more and more use of biotechnology to enable these "couples" to have "children of their own".

And we'll hear all the sob stories about how two men or two women would really love to be able to have a child together that shares their genetic background. sob.... sob.... sob

And most of the people will fall for this sob story....

It's always a sob story that the liberals use to advance their agenda.... in order to get sympathy from the public for their totalitarian agenda.

The poor woman who wants to have an abortion... sob

The poor homosexuals who want to get married.... sob

The poor old feminist who after multiple abortions wants to have a baby... sob

Then they make movies about it.... TV series.... magazine articles.... novels.... romantic comedies... pop songs... music videos... newspaper editorials... late night TV.... early morning TV.... it's on the news... it's on the talk shows... everybody's talking about it... they even manage to work it into the sports coverage.... even the pope is talking about it....

Stalin and Hitler could only wish that they had a propaganda machine like this.


  1. Michael - you are spot on, and this includes all the obsession with robotics as well - the terminator type things that DARPA etc are creating.

  2. Thanks for the post. We had never given much thought to transhumanism. This is why we enjoy your blog & comments. It makes us mull on things we have never really considered before.

  3. Hi CMJ and anon,

    Thanks. I have written before about transhumanism. Here is an example from when I was analyzing pop music videos and movies.

    Now I won't go near pop culture because I have some slight understanding of all the subliminal humanist messages that are constantly being fed to the brain. After you read the article I would also recommend the comments. There is lots of information there.

    IMO transhumanism is a key to understanding where we are heading. When people speak of "progress" this is the direction we are "progressing" in. There is also a connection to Teilhard's "omega point".

    Catholic tradition is a huge stumbling block to this "progress" for many reasons. Essentially though it is a stumbling block because of Christ who is the great stumbling block to humanity whenever we turn our backs on God.

    And transhumanism is a godless dream. It is a technological tower of babel. It is a utopian dream of turning men into gods -- but like all utopias it will turn into a living hell. There is only ONE WAY to heaven and that is through Christ. That is why we see our societies crumbling into degeneracy because we have chosen a path that is anti-God and anti-Christ.

    And you can see how bergoglio is furthering this "progressive" agenda by attempting to remove the stumbling block that the Church has always been to such diabolical plans. This is also why the main enemy of humanists/freemasons/atheists/communists/liberals/progressives is always the Church.

    It is truly a miracle that the Church has been able to withstand all of these assaults to some degree.... but this latest assault by bergoglio goes right to the root of the tree.... in fact Pope St. Pius X describes the attack of the modernists as going after the root of the Church.