Monday, August 18, 2014

The link between "ecumenism" and the promotion of "religious liberty"

The link between "ecumenism" and the promotion of "religious liberty"

Below is a comment I left on Harvesting the Fruit with regards to a video interview of Father Stransky who worked with Cardinal Bea during Vatican II on promoting "ecumenism".


Please see this article in America magazine (of the Jesuits) titled “In the Beginning — How the work of Christian unity got started”.

I’m sure you can recognize in the title an echo of the “Anfang” (beginning) that was the “hermeneutic” of Cardinal Bea and the ecumenical group.

What’s really interesting about this article is how it ties together the ecumenical movement and the religious liberty movement. Here is a quote:

“A private meeting between Dr. Visser ’t Hooft [the first general secretary of the World Council of Churches] and Cardinal Bea took place on Sept. 22, 1960, at a convent in Milan. The local archbishop, Cardinal Giovanni Montini, was in on the plan too. As Pope Paul VI, Montini would guide the council to completion after the death of Pope John XXIII in 1963. In hindsight, the requirement that the meeting be secret seemed “ridiculous,” as Dr. Visser ’t Hooft later noted, but he agreed that the delicate process of establishing relationships could easily have been complicated by public discussion at that point. Dr. Visser ’t Hooft’s first recommendation to Cardinal Bea was that the council must address religious freedom to ensure that future Catholic statements promoting Christian unity would be taken seriously.”

Remember, this is America magazine — not some webpage of a nutty conspiracy theorist who thinks that freemasons are trying to take over the Church…

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