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The silence of the SSPX

The silence of the SSPX

In case you haven't noticed there has been absolutely nothing coming out of the SSPX on the current state of the Catholic Church and in particular with respect to bergoglio.

Historically the SSPX was never silent with regard to grave heresies on the part of the Vatican. The statements by Archbishop Lefebvre are well documented in the books available at Angelus Press -- the SSPX publishing house.

So what's up?

I don't have any insider information. All I know is that after the very strong speech by Bishop Fellay calling bergoglio a modernist there has been almost no further denunciation.

The other significant event seems to be a private meeting between Fellay and Vatican representatives in Rome.

My guess is that Bishop Fellay was threatened with reprisals if he were to continue to publicly criticize bergoglio.

The silence from the SSPX gets ever louder as we approach the synod on the family in October.

If the SSPX does not speak out a significant amount of time BEFORE the synod then anything they say afterwards has no credibility in my eyes.

The time to make a difference is NOW -- not after the synod makes a declaration.

If there is going to be any organized resistance it has to begin NOW!

Tomorrow is quite literally too late.

Silence at a critical time like this is the equivalent to being an accomplice to a crime. It is taking part in the coverup of the TRUTH.

This is the reason I have been writing daily in this blog. This is no time to be caught sitting on the fence. The urgency of the present situation cannot be overstated.

The world is literally on the precipice of hell. We are just one step away from plunging into the fires.

We are in the same situation on a spiritual level that the Christians in Iraq found themselves in a few short days ago on the physical level. The enemy is at the gate. If the armed defenders choose not to fight but rather to turn and flee then we will be faced with a massacre.

Who will defend us?

If you love God and you love His Church then it is time to speak up and be counted.

Kyrie eleison.

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Excerpt from:

Stop the Synod! (An Online Petition) Written by  Christopher A. Ferrara

As the Synod that same Pope [bergoglio] has convoked rapidly approaches, we cannot but fear for the outcome.

The Crisis of the Synod on the Family

Over the next two months the microbes of the neo-Modernist rebound infection that is the “Francis effect” will be moving rapidly toward the site of what could be a devastating flare-up of the infection: the Extraordinary Synod on the Family. First they came for the Roman Rite, which they destroyed. Then they came for the Church Militant, which they disarmed and surrendered to the spirit of the age. Now, at the Synod, which threatens to become Vatican II rebooted, progressivist bishops and their apparatchiks will be coming for the moral law itself under the guise of a search for “pastoral solutions” to “challenges facing the family”—more of the seditious slogans by which the ideology of Vatican-II-ism has eclipsed the doctrines of the Faith.

Alarmism? Read this: “The goal of the Synod of Bishops on the Family is not just to repeat doctrines but to find solutions for remarried divorcees and for everyone.” So says Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, no less than President of the Pontifical Council for the Family. It was Paglia who told the press in February 2013: “In the world there are 20 or 25 countries where homosexuality is a crime, I would like the church to fight against all this.”

But what “solutions” for the divorced and “remarried” do progressives like Paglia have in mind, given that for 2,000 years the Church has offered the only solution permitted by obedience to the teaching of Christ Himself: confession, absolution, and an end to adulterous relations, even if the couple must remain under one roof for the sake of the children. We do not need a Synod on the Family to “find” the same solution the Church has always insisted upon in fidelity to the Gospel, and which John Paul II reaffirmed unambiguously a mere 33 years ago in Familiaris Consortio:

Reconciliation in the sacrament of Penance, which would open the way to the Eucharist, can only be granted to those who, repenting of having broken the sign of the Covenant and of fidelity to Christ, are sincerely ready to undertake a way of life that is no longer in contradiction to the indissolubility of marriage. This means, in practice, that when, for serious reasons, such as for example the children’s upbringing, a man and a woman cannot satisfy the obligation to separate, they “take on themselves the duty to live in complete continence, that is, by abstinence from the acts proper to married couples. (Familiaris Consortio, 84)

As Vatican II Fever reaches a new height, not even the teaching of the very Pope that Francis canonized will be allowed to stand in the way of the geriatric neo-Modernists Francis has given a new lease on life, including those who make up his Council of Nine. The very head of that congeries of Vatican II diehards, the amateur saxophonist Cardinal Óscar Andrés Rodríguez Maradiaga, age 71, has already declared that Familaris Consortio is a dead letter:

That was 30 [sic] years ago. For most people today the type of family we had then does not exist any more. And it is true: There are divorces, patchwork families, single parents, things like surrogate mothers, marriages without children and same sex couples. These things were not even on the horizon in 1980. All of this demands answers for today’s world. It is not good enough to say: We have the traditional teaching. Of course, the traditional teaching will continue to be there. But the pastoral challenges require answers for today. And these answers do not come from authoritarianism and moralism. This is not a “New Evangelization”, no, no!

Just how little credibility Rodríguez has is shown by his transparently disingenuous claim that the Church knew nothing of divorces, single parents, and marriages without children in the 1980s. As for surrogate motherhood, John Paul II condemned the practice in 1987 (cf. the CDF Instruction Donum Vitae, whose publication the Pope ordered), while “same sex couples” are as old as sodomy itself.

In short, the proponents of “solutions” at the Synod for “challenges” the Church has supposedly never faced until now are, quite simply, engaged in deception. In fact, the Synod itself is premised on a grand deception: that there is suddenly an urgent need for novel “pastoral solutions” to the moral defection of vast masses of Catholics, rather than a reaffirmation and renewed promotion of the Church’s infallible moral teaching, which the post-Vatican II hierarchy has in general either buried in silence or failed to defend with anything approaching the requisite fortitude.

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