Saturday, August 9, 2014

bergoglio the mediocre country priest

bergoglio the mediocre country priest

Call Me Jorge has posted videos of the "live interview" with bergoglio on a small Catholic radio station in a rural area of Argentina.

It is less an "interview" than dueling monologues. There is also a live video of bergoglio speaking from the Vatican. (Notice the masonic-style painting of the anti-Mary "untying knots" behind bergoglio.)

In the video you can see that bergoglio is reading from a text. The contents of the speech/interview is pretty much the same as the speech that bergoglio gave to the Italian "catholic charismatics" at a stadium in Rome.

There is the usual distortion of Catholic teaching -- the result of bergoglio's protestant theology. Sure, bergoglio makes frequent shameless references to Mary. This is to fool the faithful into thinking that he is Catholic. He's not!

He uses Mary because..... what could be more Catholic than a devotion to Mary? Only a protestant could argue that there is something wrong with revering the Mother of God -- and they do! Do they ever!

So this phony "devotion to Mary" is just one of bergoglio's smoke screens which he has spent years perfecting. By this time it comes natural to him. I don't remember him mentioning his devotion to Mary when he was speaking to his protestant "friends" in Caserta. Do you? Eh? No? Yes?

That would not be charitable, eh? They might be insulted if he mentioned that Mary is the Mother of God, no? It is better not to speak about our differences with our protestant "brothers", yes?

We should only speak about "unity in diversity" and "ecumenism" with our protestant "brothers", eh? no? yes?

Uh...... no!

bergoglio seems quite at home when speaking to the rural Catholics of Argentina. If only he would have limited is heretical priesthood to such a remote area. It may seem like a horrible curse on these simple Catholics. But certainly no worse than the two argentinian "priests" that conducted the interview with bergoglio.

The two "priests" -- I'm told they are priests but I would not know it from the way they dressed or their manner of speaking. If I bumped into them on the street I might think that "Che" Guevara had come back to life -- two "Che" clones!

The "priests" went on-and-on about what a big sacrifice they were making by leaving Buenos Aires and coming to work in this remote rural area. I am sure they would rather be sipping mate in a posh café in Buenos Aires and discussing socialist politics....

Ah, but they are so humble and in imitation of their ex-archbishop have devoted their lives to the simple people.... God only knows what heresies they are busily spreading....

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