Thursday, August 14, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

One fine morning kasper was walking to visit bergoglio at Casa Santa Marta when he saw bergoglio approaching him. kasper began to say guten morgen but stopped in mid-sentence when he saw bergoglio begin to levitate.

As kasper stared in disbelief bergoglio began to rise higher and higher until kasper exclaimed, "he is ascending!"

As kasper turned his gaze skyward he felt a tap on his shoulder. it was bergoglio.

kasper said to bergoglio in amazement, "but i just saw you ascend into heaven."

bergoglio replied with a sly smile, "that wasn't me that was my publicity blimp. how did you like it?"

kasper thought for a moment and then said, "oh, i always said that the account of the ascension was not credible. do you expect me to also believe that pigs can fly?"

bergoglio seemed to fall into a state of deep contemplation and then he turned to kasper and said, "oh such beautiful and profound theology on your knees. can i use that in my first encyclical on global warming."

kasper quickly responded, "sure, naturlich... and by the way was that a hot air balloon?"

bergoglie replied with great pride, "yes, i blew it up myself!"

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