Thursday, August 14, 2014

Santo Subi-ti-si-mo

Santo Subi-ti-si-mo


Cardinal Schönborn, is so certain of the papal reforms that he spoke of "signs and wonders" that will be  "done" by Pope Francis.

So far the  Austrian cardinal  has only attributed the election of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the Catholic Church's leader to the "supernatural character" of the Holy Spirit.

The Pope, says Cardinal Schönborn, is "more prophet than a revolutionary", so he'll make be more concerned about  "sensation and restlessness": "Francis must and will remain authentic"


Whatever are we waiting for? Let's declare bergoglio a saint now! A living saint!

Why wait until he is dead and he can't even enjoy his sainthood?

The world can only offer bergoglio earthly prizes like "man of the year" and "nobel peace prize winner", but the conciliar church can offer much more -- novo-sainthood! Of the instant variety.

Just add water and its ready for mass consumption.

They even have 2-for-1 novo-saints. It's cheaper that way.

What? You think those big banners in St. Peter's Square are free?

Maybe they could put in a jumbotron in St. Peter's Square.... or two.... or four.... for bergoglio's canonization.

Beatification.... forget-about-it.... let's just get straight to the point.

Miracles.... we don't need know stinking miracles.

You want a miracle.... it's a miracle he doesn't get struck by a bolt of lightning from heaven.... every time he opens his mouth.

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