Sunday, August 10, 2014

bergoglio joke of the day

bergoglio joke of the day

Why did bergoglio cross the road?

Please choose from the following:
A) To say the traditional Latin Mass.
B) To kiss a koran.
C) To get a blessing from his "brother" protestant pastor.
D) To light menorah candles with his "elder jewish brother" rabbi friend.
E) To give ANOTHER interview with his atheist journalist friend.

TIC... TIC.... TIC

Times up!

Correct answer:
ALL of the above -- except A!


How did you do?

I got them all right -- except A.

Yeah, me too. That was a tricky one... I thought they meant the regular Mass.

Yeah, me too....

What's a traditional Latin Mass anyway?

I dunno.

Yeah, me neither.

Let's ask father heretic tomorrow.

Yeah, he should know.

We can ask him tomorrow at the "gay pride" march. Are you going?

Yeah, I'm just finishing my "who am i to judge" banner with a picture of bergoglio.


I have a question.


I don't think bergoglio actually kissed a koran.

Yeah, I think you're right. Wasn't that the saint dude --  JPII?

Yeah, but bergoglio likes to wash the feet of muslim women so isn't that almost like the same.

Yeah, I think so.

Now it makes sense.

Yeah, I was wondering about that one.

Those muslims sure love peace.

Yeah, bergoglio keeps saying they are the religion of peace.

Yeah, so peaceful.

Bummer about those Catholics in Iraq.

Yeah, you know how those radical fundamentalists are.

Yeah, not like the true muslims.

Yeah, so peaceful.

Yeah, like Israel.

Yeah, they have to defend themselves from the muslim bottle rockets.

Yeah, more radical fundamentalists.

Yeah, they want to steal the land of Israel from the Jews.

Yeah, they should stop killing Jewish kids.

Yeah, what kind of terroists kill innocent kids?

Yeah, they're a bunch of Nazis.

Yeah, and anti-Semites.

Yeah, we should send Israel more bombs so they can defend themselves.

Yeah, "smart bombs" so they only target the terrorists.

Yeah, but I think they are all terrorists.

Well, you never know.

And they fire the bottle rockets from hospitals.

Oh, well. That explains why Israel blew up the hospitals.

Yeah, bummer about the hospitals.

Yeah, and the little Palestinian kids.

Yeah, bummer.


This is getting depressing... want to play a video game?

Yeah, how about "Killer zombie robots"?


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