Monday, August 25, 2014

False ideologies equal mass murder

False ideologies equal mass murder

On August 8 I wrote the following:



This is the problem with ideologues. Rather than fitting their ideologies to the natural reality, they choose to manipulate reality in order to fit their ideology.

The end result is always mass murder because it is only natural that people do not fit into an ideology. Those that don't fit must be murdered.


Today we have two false ideologies at work in Iraq....

1. There is the islamist ideology -- it's hard to see how this can even be described as a "religion".

2. There is the liberal ideology of "peaceful dialogue" that bergoglio represents.

The result is the mass murder of Christians because these ideologies do not fit reality.

The islamists do the actual killing and the liberal peaceniks like bergoglio are their silent accomplices.

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