Thursday, August 14, 2014

like a chameleon in front of a mirror

like a chameleon in front of a mirror

Over the years [Robin] Williams had been criticised by gay [GLBT] groups for the extravagant way in which he had portrayed them in his stand-up performances. It was an issue that he had addressed in some length in his 1992 Playboy interview.

"I understand what they're talking about and I have tried to cut back a little [he conceded]. I can see their point because they have always been portrayed as being that way. But don't tell me, if you walk down a street in San Francisco, you won't see a lot of people that . . . How do you not offend anyone. Finally you just say, '[Screw] it. I have to do what I do. If it pisses you off, I still do other things that piss other people off.' I've got the born-again Christians after my ass because I defend gays, and gays are mad at me because I do effeminiate characters. You can't keep modifying or you're like a chamelon in front of a mirror."


In the above quote we can see the typical humanist "sensitivity" and "tolerance" towards homosexuals....

What's missing is the same "sensitivity" and "tolerance" towards Christians....

.... because humanists are anti-Christian/atheists. They are not "agnostic" even though they may make this claim. They are rabidly atheistic and fanatically anti-Christian....

The mockery of Christianity (and the tolerance of homosexuality) expressed by Williams in this 1992 interview has turned into the declaration of Christians as a "hate group" in 2014....

While practicing homosexuals are welcomed into the US military, practicing Christians are being expelled....

There is now a "don't-ask-don't-tell" policy towards Christians in the military as well as in society as a whole. Corporations have fired employees for expressing what the Bible teaches about homosexuality -- that it is a sin.


Williams' simile about a "chameleon in a mirror" seems to be his recognition of the diabolical origin of the humanist's hatred of Christ.

He is lost. He does not even recognize his own reflection in a mirror. He is a slave of the evil one who is forced to change even his appearance, the way he acts, his personality.... in order to please his master.

His soul is hidden from his own view by the spots of the chameleon that he has been forced to become.

One day Williams woke up..... looked in the mirror.... and saw a monster.... and decided to kill the monster..... he made the ultimate satanic sacrifice.... in a personal black mass..... he committed suicide....  he hoped to escape from his sadistic master.... but he landed in his arms.... and the tormenting continues..... for eternity.....

Please God.... for you all things are possible.... may it not be so. But Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.... deliver us from the evil one. Amen.


When the children of Fatima were shown a vision of hell by the Virgin they nearly died of fright. Afterwards Jacinta -- the youngest -- would say.... if only I could show people a vision of hell.... if only they knew.... surely they would repent and turn to Christ for salvation.... and ask to be baptized into His Holy Catholic Church.... surely....


And yet I suspect that Williams may have had a vision of hell at some point in his life.... I suspect he knew what was coming.... but he convinced himself that it wasn't real.... that the only reality is the one that can be "scientifically" explained....

.... and there are so many like him today.... the vast majority of mankind.


I confess that I was once a huge "fan" of Williams' humanist brand of "comedy".... but thanks to the grace of God my eyes were opened....

I have no desire to re-watch the "Mork and Mindy" episodes that I once loved so much.... or even to watch a "classic" Williams' movie like "Good Will Hunting"....

Their humanists subplots are all too clear to me now... Deo gratias....

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Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us. Now and at the hour of our death. Amen.


  1. I wonder if Good Will Hunting was not his worst role.

    Mork and Mindy can be seen as an attempt to cutify aliens (i e probably demons). But if aliens behaved like Mork, they would probably not be demons.

    However shrinks do behave like Dr. Sean Maguire, I am afraid, and that is demonic. Or, for that matter Dr. Buddy Rydell in Anger Control.

    1. Dear Hans,

      I don't actually remember much about "Good Will Hunting" or the Robin Williams character.

      In general GWH is a typical humanist story about an anti-hero. And its basic thesis is that "the establishment" is "hypocritical" and "bigoted", etc. And therefore it calls on each person individually to mount a personal mini-revolution to destablize society. This is done in order to create the "climate of change" which allows those in control of the propaganda machinery to set the direction for that change which inevitably is one of an atheist "utopia".

      What represents "the establishment" more than the Church? With its "medieval" traditions? So the ultimate goal of these humanist revolutionaries is to overthrow the Church and Our Lord Jesus Christ.

      The exact opposite of that is the Catholic Church's mission to establish the reign of Christ the King here on earth.

      So ultimately such seemingly harmless melodramatic stories such as "Good Will Hunting" are chipping away at the Kingship of Jesus Christ. They are inciting the subjects to question the authority of their King and to resist that authority.

      One simple way they do this is reflected in the title of GWH. It is the word "good". What is "good" about the anti-hero of this story? Does he go to Mass? Does he believe in God? Does he imitate the saints? This is what is meant by a "good" person from a Catholic perspective.

      Part of the revolution is to re-define the meaning of words -- so "good" becomes a "good humanist".

      Yours in Christ,