Monday, August 18, 2014

The ultimate goal of "ecumenism" is to declare Christianity to be a Jewish sect

The ultimate goal of "ecumenism" is to declare Christianity to be a Jewish sect

Below is a comment I left on Harvesting the Fruit with regards to a video interview of Father Stransky who worked with Cardinal Bea during Vatican II on promoting "ecumenism".


I have two observations to make which I would like to share with you. These are quite frightening in the sense that they could only have diabolic origins.

1. Fr. Stransky replies to a question towards the end of the video (~1hour and 15 minute mark) about the relationship between the Judaism and Christianity. What he is saying is that the ultimate goal of “ecumenism” is that Christianity should be recognized as a Jewish sect.

Something that goes along with that is the belief that the Resurrection of Our Lord is just some sort of myth or fable. I recently read an article about an interpretation of the Dead Sea Scrolls that elaborates on this theme.

Keep in mind that Cardinal Bea was a biblical scholar and was an advocate of “blblical archaelolgy”. (He worked on an encyclical for Pope Pius XII on this subject — it is mentioned in the video in the Q&A session.)

2. What goes along with the Christianity as Jewish sect theme is that this was only really true in the first 300 years of the Church (or so the story goes). Then along came the evil Emperor Constantine who institutionalized the Church and destroyed the “true Christian Church”.

I’m sure you have heard this before because it a very Protestant idea. Except now it is being advocated by bishops and cardinals in the Church!

People like Cardinal Kasper take this for granted although I doubt they would ever say it openly (and Pope Francis???). This is how they justify destroying Catholic Tradition.

You see, it isn’t part of the “authentic Church”. For that we have to go back to the first 300 years of Christianity. Once again I refer you to the article on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Finally, I think it is very enlightening to read what Archbishop Lefebvre has to say about these same events during Vatican II that Fr. Stransky describes.

You will see that taking the two together that there is no contradiction.

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