Friday, August 8, 2014

"Women's Liberation!" equals rent-a-womb

"Women's Liberation!" equals rent-a-womb

Some women are more liberated than others....

"Women's Liberation!" equals:
- a new form of capitalist exploitation of other women
- a new form of imperiallism
- a new form of slavery

Viva the sexual revolution!

This is the problem with ideologues. Rather than fitting their ideologies to the natural reality, they choose to manipulate reality in order to fit their ideology.

The end result is always mass murder because it is only natural that people do not fit into an ideology. Those that don't fit must be murdered.

In this case it is done through abortion -- the mass murder of infants prior to birth.

Sorry baby.... you don't fit our ideal of a "women's right" to have absolute control over her ability to "reproduce"....

Yeah, you've come a long way..... from loving mother to cold blooded murderer....

In fairness, most women buy into this "radical feminist" ideology without fully realizing what it entails.... they are told they are gaining control over their lives.... when really they are becoming slaves of an anti-life ideology....

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"Babies have become just another product to buy…and discard"

There is an uproar Down Under over an anonymous Australian couple that commissioned twins from a surrogate in Thailand, then reneged and brought home only a daughter after the other twin, a boy named Gammy, was born with Down syndrome. Pattaramon Chanbua, the couple’s surrogate, was left to care for the now six-month-old Gammy, who also has a congenital hole in his heart and will require expensive surgeries.

The Australian Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has rightly called Chanbua “an absolute hero” and “a saint.” When she was seven months pregnant, the commissioning couple apparently asked her to abort Gammy because of his Down syndrome, and she refused because she considered abortion against her Buddhist beliefs. When he was born and rejected again by his parents, she chose to love him and become his mother. Despite her precarious financial situation, she took time off her work to care for him. That is true love, charity and largeness of spirit.

And yet, Chanbua is merely 21 years old, already has two small children and works as a food vendor in Thailand. She rented out her womb to a Western couple because the paltry $9,300 that she was promised (but still not paid, apparently) for nine months of carrying twins represented a way of clearing her debts and enabling the education of her two children. She never even met the people whose babies she was carrying until she saw the father at the hospital after the twins’ birth.

Women like Chanbua are recruited by surrogacy agencies (I would call them “mills” or “baby factories”) in various developing countries, perhaps most famously in India. Reproductive technologies have enabled the rise of this kind of human trafficking - essentially the voluntary enslavement of poor women who agree to be impregnated with foreign embryos and often to sequester themselves in special facilities where they have no contact with the outside world as they become mere growing uteruses. The compensation is ridiculously low by Western standards, which is why so many of our middle-class couples flock to these places.

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